This is the question everyone wants to know the answer to: how do I get more followers on Twitter?

There are a million articles giving you advice on how to build up a social following and the first thing everyone tells you to do is post consistently. Post great content regularly and you’ll build a following. But while this is true, posting out to a minuscule following or the family and friends you’ve got to like your new page is boring and it’s easy to lose enthusiasm.

Buying followers gets you nowhere. It might make you feel better but they’ll get deleted somewhere down the line anyway so it really is a waste of money.

So if you still have just a few followers on Twitter and you’re wondering how it all works, here we break down how you can get up to 1000 new followers per month that actually engage with what you post.

Put substance before looking good and gain an audience that interacts with you, with a human touch. Following other accounts is the easiest way to get followers quickly and there are steps to insure that you are getting the highest quality followers:

First things first, follow the right people. Think about other accounts that your target market be following; A portion of people interested in the posts will follow back.

Post out relevant content then follow people based on the content if the post you’ve shared i.e if you post an article written by a certain blogger, follow the accounts following that blogger and you can guess many of them will be interested in what you’re sharing.

You could look for another company in the same industry that might target similar people or if your a local business, then choose accounts that are part of the local community.

  • What other brands might your audience be following?
  • Are there any community accounts they would be interested in?
  • What press and blogs do they read?
  • Whose followers would really like the content I’m offering?
  • Do you have any industry authorities?

When picking who to follow and engage with, there are a few things you should keep an eye out for:

  • If you are not a global business, be careful not to choose global accounts.
  • If you are a local business, it’s better to choose something smaller and more community focused even if they aren’t in the same industry or seem unrelated.

It’s important for us to always be following less people than are following us, so we have to manage our users. Unfollowing in Proofer is easy. Once you have added your account, select “Unfollow” from the menu.

Here you can see how many people do not follow you back on Twitter.

Start by unfollowing those at the top, as these are the people who have had some time to follow you back.  Simply click on the “unfollow” button to begin!

Following and unfollowing a huge number of accounts, might be get your account temporarily suspended due to the Twitter policy to avoid spam and aggressive behaviour.

You are quite safe with 300- 1000 unfollows per day.

Once your account has over 1000 followers you can unfollow and follow more people at one time.

The free account has a limit of 300 unfollows per day which you can increase by upgrading to a premium account. 

That is how you can get up to 1000 targeted followers in a month. Good luck building your following!

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