Your editorial calendar should make it easier for you to kick off writing posts but we understand an empty month can be daunting. Here we break down a few of our categories from our default calendar and what sort of post they could inspire to kick you off.

People engage with positive messages! Rather than adding to the Monday blues, share something fun, spread some good vibes and give your followers a bit of get up and go! If you can create your own design with your logo to share alongside, even better and make sure to keep your post specific to your audience so try not to share something that could be found on any account.

You should always have a social media specific offer to share across your channels. Many people follow brands on social media specifically to get special discounts so make the most of this!  

A weekend fun post does exactly what it says on the tin. Nobody wants to see a promotional post at 9pm on a Friday! Have some fun with these posts; events or things to do are perfect as you can tag the promoter, the venue as well as anyone attending, speaking or playing and reach out to a much wider audience. 

This is also a chance for you to get across some of your tone of voice & personality so share articles that you find interesting, you could tell people what you’re up to at the weekend.

Competitions are great for driving interaction, building new followers and giving value back to your current fan base. We would recommend you run a competition at least once a month. 

When running a competition, make sure you share the post a few times a week to get the most legs out of it and at the end of the month, pick a winner from everyone who has entered. The bigger the prize, the more engagement you’ll receive.

If you shout out about cool folks, maybe they will shout about you! Choose an interesting group of people to follow- “Brilliant bakers or Blogs we love for example”.  Make sure you choose some small and some big in the game to promote the small guys and get it right for your industry! This is a chance for you to show your knowledge! 

A #ShoutOut to all our #Soho bar friends! #FF @Bar_Termini @Marks_bars @ExperimentalCC

Once a day you should promote your products or service. If you have 30 products that’s one a day. Simple! Try to keep it exciting with interesting visuals and custom images. 

Your feed should be like an extension of the product pages of your website but there is no reason these messages can’t be fun though!

People do not come on to social media be sold to. Make sure that you keep things lighthearted… Even crack a joke every now and then! The web is full of content that can make you LOL so just think what’s right for your target market and show you have a sense of humour.

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