An editorial calendar is a plan of what kind of content you will talk about and when. Here we break down why you should be using a calendar for your social media and how to go about setting one up.

An editorial calendar allows you to take a birds-eye view of your social media presence and plan what style of message to post at which time, a simple way to build strategy into your social media.

There are a few reasons why you should be using an editorial calendar. First off, following a calendar makes it super easy for team members to write content and will make sure you fit in everything you want to talk about.

It is recommended that you post around once a day to Facebook, at least once a day to Instagram and at least four times a day to Twitter. You should stick to the 80/20 rule; meaning a maximum 25% of your content should be promotional messages, with your products, services and offers and the remaining 75% should be fun content that adds value for your followers.

An editorial calendar helps you keep to this rule, whilst creating a lot of content quickly. It makes it easy for your team get involved and all be on the same page as well as guaranteeing you have variety in your posts.

Now we’ve spoken about why you’d want an editorial calendar, next step is making one!

Spend time getting your calendar right and you’ll save time in the future.

You need to have some fun in your content. Events are a great option for having some fun, tagging related accounts and creating timely posts so think about the kind of events that your market would like, whether it’s opera, a trade show or a nightclub.

Along the same lines as keeping it fun, you want to do something special for your audience, which is where a competition comes in. Competitions are a wonderful way for you to not only boost engagement but also give back to your followers.

Another of the main reasons people follow branded accounts on Twitter is for offers. It’s good to give social-media-only discounts which are exclusive to your fans so if you can, add this into your calendar.

You can add in industry news to show that you are a leader in your field and to keep your subscribers informed. When it comes to writing your posts, don’t forget to tag the sources!

Remember to include promotional tweets, one a day is enough, with the other three being fun so as to keep your audience engaged and to add more value.

Finally, make sure you haven’t missed anything that’s really important to you for example; loyalty cards, newsletter offers any charities you work with, any regular events you have going on, your podcast, your blog posts… The list can go on for ever!

  • In Proofer, when you go to write a post, each space has a prompt to make content creation super easy.
  • You could be hungover (or even drunk) and you can’t go wrong!  
  • It allows for easy collaboration without everyone saying the same thing!

Setting up your editorial calendar in is simple:

We automatically suggest categories in your calendar that you can use, whatever your business. You can then change each category to really suit you and your followers, depending on your audience and the voice you want to project.

  • When logged in, click strategy from the menu on the left.
  • You will be see a suggested calendar which you can now edit and adjust as you wish.
  • To fill in a space in the calendar, click on the plus button. You can now search for an existing category or create a new one.
  • To create a new category, type the title in the search bar, select a colour and click “create”. Now select your newly made category for your calendar.
  • Check the times you are posting and make sure you are happy with these. To begin with just spread your posts out evenly throughout the day. In future we can use analytics to see the best times to post and you can change the posting times here in the calendar  
  • Feel free to customise your calendar as you like. Our suggestions are just that, suggestions!
  • Once a month have a look and see what worked well and swap your worst performing category for a new idea. This is your system for always improving your calendar and what you post!

Now good luck setting it up!

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