More and more brands are using social media to connect with their target market. Whilst some companies hire resources in house, others look to expertise outside their team to create a great social presence.

Guestlist Social is a social media marketing agency based in London. They specialise in creating ethical campaigns and working with brands who are doing good in the world, helping to showcase this in a simple and honest way. Finding a social media software to suit their needs was of paramount importance.

The goals of Guestlist Social were to:

  • Assign content easily to writers
  • Collaborate on content with multiple team members
  • Give clients access to view posts for sign off
  • Have accountability for successes and errors within their own team
  • Streamline content creation process and save time

One of the key areas Guestlist Social wanted to address was being able to show their clients what content they had planned. Each of their clients has a distinct tone of voice and clear mission and getting that across in a way the brand likes, is key to their growth and success.

On days of old, Guestlist Social used Google Sheets to plan and collaborate on content  and show the posts to clients for sign off in advance. This was an extremely time consuming, particularly as it then had to be scheduled after sign off.

How helped

Proofer has allowed them to have a place where they can create content, collaborate on posts within their team and also give clients access to view and leave feedback on the content they have planned, saving time and energy.

Each person in their team has an account with access to all the social accounts that they are working on without the need for the password. Proofer shows who wrote what content, giving clear accountability for successes and changes where they needed to be made.

“It is the perfect tool for us because we have the ability to be completely transparent with our customers about what content we have planned. I can invite our customers in to see their posts and they can approve posts, un-approve posts or leave feedback on specific messages. It makes the experience of bringing on a new customer really simple but also makes it really easy to on-board new staff too as they have one place where they can look through the kind of content we’ve created before and what the customer thought of it.”

– Nelly, Guestlist Social.

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