It can be quite challenging to know all the required steps to launch a social media agency. The market is ever-growing and changing and it is pretty easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed in sheer of information you have access to. 

We’ve put together a few essential steps you should know before launching your social media agency.

1.     You might need more budget than you think.

When you start off a project, you often miss expenses that then either come out of your pocket or your time. 

It always happens to me; I plan my day and give it an estimated time to the tasks that I have for the day but eventually, I always end up spending more time than I calculated. When you’re deciding how much to charge, try to give yourself some wiggle room to allow for tasks to take more time.

2.  Great visuals are king. Everyone needs photos and videos for social media, learn how to do this yourself or hire people who can.

Don’t be like everyone who uses the same boring images over and over again. Be creative! If you are passionate about taking photos, go out there and create your own captivating visuals. 

It’s okay if that is not something that you are passionate about. Don’t force yourself to do something that you don’t enjoy. Spend time finding the right people to outsource this to. There are plenty of freelancers out there and if you can build a network of great creatives, this will be a fantastic asset.

3. Understand social media ads. 

Being able to show ROI is great for customer retention. Ads are one of the best results-oriented elements to get exposure for your clients, especially for local businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, shops and etc. You can start off with a very small budget and start increasing the spend based on results.

4. Plan content ahead but always make sure what you are doing today is great too

Planning content ahead is the easiest way to make sure you create fantastic content. You can spend time getting the messaging and visuals right and you can present this content to your clients for feedback. 

It also means you have the time to spice it up each day and take advantage of what is happening in the world (and social media). You can jump on trending topics, add in fresh content and make sure what you are doing is fantastic.

5. Keep asking your clients what they want so that you remain aligned to their goals 

Ultimately, the goal is to represent your client the best way you can so make sure you keep in touch as much as possible. Ask them if they have any ideas they would like help implementing; check if they are happy with the tone of voice; ask them if they have anything new they want to promote.

If you can speak at least once a month, you can ensure you’re all on the same page and keep creating effective campaigns that they love.

6. Make it really easy for your clients to know what content you have planned. 

If your client signs off content ahead of time, you can avoid mistakes. Using a social media scheduling tool like allows you to share your created posts with a client. In Proofer, your client can approve posts, unapprove posts and leave feedback so if there’s anything they really like or don’t like, you will know. 

When working with a client, all feedback is so important. Because you’re not in the business every day, understanding their business, voice and personality are really important.  The more feedback you can get, the more you can learn and improve.

7. Find something you want to be great at and focus on this

Let’s be realistic. You cannot be an expert at everything. It is easier to concentrate on particular services and keep up with the latest trends. 

Find an area or niche that you enjoy the most and are good at. This could be creating video content, running ads or you could choose an industry to specialise in like food & drink for example.

You can then really focus on being the best you can be at that one skill or industry and you may find it easier for marketing too.

8. Make case studies for everything good you do that you can show to potential clients

If you run a successful competition or if you get lots of new followers or likes for a client, create a case study. The more showcases of your work you have, the better.

Potential clients will love it if you have a variety of different successful campaigns they can look at and having a few case studies means you can send new customers something they will relate to or that matches their goals. 

9. Always come up with new ideas, even if they don’t get pushed forward. 

Continually showing innovative ideas is much better than nothing. It can be hard to keep coming up with new ideas but it’s part of your job to get creative and be different from others. Always push yourself to create cool ideas and think of different ways to launch campaigns.

It’s great practice to keep coming up with new ideas and eventually, you’ll find the idea your client loves. 

So if you are thinking of starting an agency, we wish you all the est! If you would like to find out more about and how it can help your new business, feel free to get in touch.

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